A new Ethiopian Coffee is now available!

A new Ethiopian Coffee is now available!

Remember that new Yirgacheffe bean I mentioned in January? (https://foxencoffee.co/blogs/news/new-coffee-selections-and-general-updates)

…Well, it’s finally here!

I’m going to sincerely miss the Misty Valley, but I roasted the first batch of this new Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Natural Gedeo bean last week, and it’s incredible to say the least... It has similar flavor notes as the misty valley, but it comes from farms at an even higher elevation (1980-2200 masl), the high elevations in the yirgacheffe region make for a flavor-rich, chocolate covered blueberry mouthful. The natural processing method is also key to making these flavors pop (as opposed to the more standard washed process). Don’t get me wrong though – washed coffees are great. But in a Yirgacheffe bean we want natural, sun dried cherries. That’s a key part of what makes the flavors in these coffees so unique.

Our attendance of the Specialty Coffee Expo 2023 in Portland Oregon

This is something we’ll certainly do every year going forward in this business. It’s the ultimate coffee trade show in the USA, and it’s important to me that Foxen Coffee is always on the cutting edge of the industry. Not only did I get a chance to taste a huge variety of different coffees from farms around the world, I found a number of technological advancements in the brewing sector and networked with some great people in the industry. One thing I noticed very clearly though – having tried well over 40 different coffees that weekend, I’m very satisfied with our coffee lineup. There’s a couple of new beans I want to add and will be announcing more details on that later.

For a summary of our attendance – check out our Instagram pinned stories of the Specilaty Coffee Expo @foxencoffeeco

What coffees are coming Next?

We’re working on replenishing our existing coffee lineup and adding a few new offers. It’s still being worked on, but one we are most certainly going to add is a Tanzania Peaberry PLUS Zanzibar. I had this coffee recently and it reminded me of the Kenya, but with a twist. It has similar citrus notes, but what’s different about it is this unique nutty walnut forward taste that I really enjoyed. Keep an eye out for this bean on our catalog in the coming months!

Our Commercial Business

So while our primary business is online based, we are also determined to be a leading distributor of exotic coffees to our local commercial markets. Our business is only 10 months old and we’ve had the pleasure of working various restaurants, hotels, café’s, offices, schools, and more… It’s an absolute pleasure to bring my passion of great coffee to our local demographic.

There’s nothing better than the look on someone’s face when they try a specialty coffee for the first time. I live for this!

We do full installation, maintenance and training for commercial coffee businesses in the local area. If you know anyone who would benefit from this service feel free to reach out to me @ nico@foxencoffee.co

Subscription Coffee

So, I wanted to mention this again because we seem to have many online customers who purchase coffee from our website manually every month. We have a subscription-based coffee service, meaning you can schedule deliveries and we automatically send coffee at your desired intervals. It’s a win-win for both our production planning and the customer. We give 10% off subscription coffee orders and there’s a no-fee cancellation at any time.

We have a few affiliate programs going on as well, and some of our affiliate’s customers have asked if the Subscription coffee will be included with the affiliate program. The answer is YES. We track your customer card when using an affiliate link to make sure that your social media influencers, or business of choice always gets credit for a coffee purchase – whether that’s a manual order or recurring subscription order.

Thank you to everyone who has participated so far! More coming!

This is how we make the Nocturnal Blend

This section is best on video. Check it out here: 

So what’s next?

We have a lot planned for the future of our online business. Our website is undergoing a complete overhaul – I want to create a smooth selection and guiding feature for our store that brings you to the coffee you’ll enjoy the most by asking you a series of questions. I get asked a lot about what coffee’s people should try, and I have a specific method of recommending a bean based on a few variables in your responses. I want to integrate this recommendation algorithm into our website! This is coming – along with some graphical improvements and enhancements.

We are getting permanently affixed Foxen graphics on our coffee bags! It’s still 1-2 months away, but the process has started. Sorry it took me so long to get this done, I’m not an artist or a designer, I just love coffee, so it was very challenging to settle on an idea for our bags and go with it. Thanks for bearing with me!

Nitro brew is very close. We are already serving kegged nitro brew to commercial businesses in the local area, and canning is coming next for our retail clients.

That’s it for now!

Thank you so much everyone for your support, it’s been 10 months since we started this business, but it feels like yesterday to me. Time flies when you’re having fun, and I absolutely LOVE doing this! Thanks again to everyone of our followers and clients. I cannot thank you enough for your continued support!

Regards, Nicolas M. Co-founder, Foxen Coffee.

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