Coffee Newsletter Issue# 1

Coffee Newsletter Issue# 1

Thank you for your interest in our coffee. We're proud to be serving our customers the highest quality yields of the season, and the feedback we've been getting from some of you has made every second worth the effort!

We will never compromise on the quality of our beans, so you can always rely on that consistency when getting your coffee from us.

My name is Nico, Co-Founder of Vittoria Roasting Company.

Today I wanted to talk about a few things:1. What makes our Coffee Special?2. Why our K-Cups are so unique3. Updates about the last few weeks of our business

So what makes our coffee special? When a farmer produces a high ranking crop, demand increases and supply is quickly limited. Other coffee companies keep their prices low by sourcing from the cheapest farms on the market and blending it with a higher quality bean. We serve you only the highest quality yields in season, from a Single Origin. By drinking higher quality coffee you will quickly notice how smooth it tastes, no bitterness (even with our vienna roast). The second thing you will likely notice is how it affects your stomach; the way we roast our coffee limits the amount of carbon in the bean that can cause stomach pain. Lastly, when you drink it black you will notice the unique flavors of each coffee farm that we are sourcing from.

Why are our k-cups so unique? There's a few reasons we got into this market; the main one is that we noticed almost nobody is putting high quality coffee beans into a k-cup. The convenience of a 1-click coffee is great, but without a better quality brew, it's just not appealing enough for some people. We are seeking to solve this problem. Another reason why our cups taste so good is the deep cup design and polypropelene filter. There's no absorbtion effect in our filter like you get with paper, so you get the full taste of the brew and we're able to fill our cups with more coffee than almost every other brand of cups out there. This all results in a strong and tasty brew from a k-cup - you won't find anything else out there like ours.

Updates on our Business: If you haven't noticed already, we're on! So you can get our coffee with free 2-day delivery anywhere in the USA. We're also now serving our local coffee shop, Mocha Joe's in Monett Missouri. We're happy to be collaborating with the great people who work there to serve our community! Thank you so much for allowing us this opportunity, Mocha Joes! We won't let you down.

If you haven't had a chance to check out ways you can save by ordering coffee on our website, I encourage you to visit the page , Order Volume, subscriptions & bundles, save 10% on your entire order! If you haven't tried our coffee yet - use the first time customer discount and save $5.00 off your first order!

If you're located in the Springfield Missouri area, check us out at MaMa Jean's Natural Market. We were serving free samples at their store last night, and we absolutely love working with them. They are great people over there. Great business partners - and we're really happy to have their support.

Lastly - I wanted to thank everyone again for giving us a chance to serve you. I love every moment of developing this business and i'm so greatful to have your support. I couldn't be doing this without each and every one of you.

Thanks again and have a great weekend everyone.

-Nico, co-Founder, Vittoria Roasting Company.

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