Foxen Coffee & Mocha Jo’s Monett Holiday Parade

Foxen Coffee & Mocha Jo’s Monett Holiday Parade

Last Saturday we did a meet and greet at Mocha Joe’s Coffee Café during the Monett Chamber of Commerce Holiday Parade, .

It was a blast to say the least!

For more than an hour we had the pleasure of enjoying marching bands from all the small towns in the local area, and good company with our new partners at Mocha Jo’s coffee café. If you ever find yourself in the south-west Missouri area, be sure to check them out! They serve Foxen Coffee and big smiles 😊. I really appreciate the people working there, they’ve treated us like family, and we’re complimenting each other’s strengths to bring our community some of the best coffee you can find in the local area!

In addition to the fine people that operate this café, we had the chance to meet many of the people from the local community. Monett is clearly in a growth spurt, many people I had the chance of meeting explained that they moved here recently from areas all around the country. Some locals confirmed it – the area is growing, and what an exciting time for Foxen Coffee to be a part of it.

There are great coffee roasters in the surrounding areas of Springfield and Joplin, but Monett had yet to welcome a commercial coffee roaster of their own. Until Foxen Coffee. We love our community, and we won’t let you down! In due time, Monett will come to be known as a place to get some of the best coffee in the Midwest, through Foxen Coffee Roasters and Mocha Jo’s!

This event was a pleasure to attend, and I look forward to the next time we can get the community together to enjoy some great coffee and good conversation.

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