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Have you ever been to a specialty coffee shop?

Have you ever been to a specialty coffee shop? If not - I recommend you try it ASAP - this is where you will find coffee at it's next level.

Specialty Coffee shops are not only serving artisan coffee like the kind we're roasting, but they're also brewing it with extreme precision. From the grams to the stopwatch, to the pour styles and the water temperatures, everything is meticulously calculated about the way it's brewed and served.

There's an emerging market of elevated coffee drinkers here in the USA. Afterall, Starbucks only started the trend since the 70's, so the market is still in what I would consider at the infancy stages in the grand scheme of things. Now don't get me wrong - Starbucks does a great job for operating at the scale in which they're at now... But privately owned specialty coffee shops are just next level.

In our product descriptions I always list out the tasting notes for each coffee. I get these notes based on my compounded personal experience and the opinions of others.

If you've never experienced rich, natural flavors in your coffee then please find your local specialty coffee shop and give it a try. I promise you won't be disappointed. Get a pour over, drink it black, then you will know.

Once you try this you're going to become a coffee snob on the spot like me. It's undeniably THAT good. When you get into this world of coffee you're going to discover all kinds of incredible varietals that are in an ever-evolving discovery phase. The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) hosts professional coffee tasting events that are discovering great beans from farmers around the world, creating a gold rush of demand from specialty coffee roasters and distributors just like us.

As a specialty coffee roaster ourselves, we are in the first step of the local supply chain when it comes to brewing great coffee. You need great beans with a proper roast profile if you want to pull out these natural flavors from a coffee bean. The next step is what the specialty coffee shops will offer you - the best way to brew it.

In our next article we will discuss a few different ways you can brew our coffee at home to pull the same rich flavors you'll experience at a specialty coffee shop. Until then - go out and support your local specialty coffee shop and tell them where you heard the good news :)

Happy new year everyone! 

-Nicolas Milone, Co-Founder @ Foxen Coffee

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