It's a good afternoon for a new coffee

It's a good afternoon for a new coffee

Good afternoon fellow coffee lovers!

My name is Nicolas Milone and I’m the co-founder of Foxen Coffee in Monett Missouri. We have several new subscribers since launching the Reeds Spring School coffee fundraiser a few days ago, so I wanted to welcome you all to the ramblings of a coffee nerd (that is – this newsletter). There’s no official schedule for these, but I write on average once every 2-3 weeks.

If you want to catch up on our history – this is a good article to start with:

I have several updates about what we’ve been doing in the coffee world since the beginning of the new year, with our core value being that Foxen remains on the cutting edge of the industry. I might personally be a bit excessive about quality sometimes, but I think it’s ultimately a good thing. The varietals of a coffee bean that you can trace back to a distinct farm rivals’ fine wine to me. When you show someone a coffee that makes them light up like a Christmas tree on the first sip – it’s really a great experience and I enjoy the opportunity to share that with folks.

Our core business is online based, and we wanted to figure out ways to bring this coffee to our local communities as well. We have since served southwest Missouri café’s, restaurants, grocery stores, hotels, and now an online fundraiser for a local school district. The fundraisers are great because they’re integrated into our core model, and we’ve streamlined it well.

We have 3 ongoing fundraisers, they all share good values with us here at Foxen, and I’m super happy to have the opportunity to endorse them:

  • Reeds Spring Schools – School District, Reeds Springs MO
  • Fox Tales Florida – Fox Rescue Sanctuary, Florida
  • Pawsitive Beginnings - Fox Rescue Sanctuary, Florida

Foxen’s Pursuit of core values,

I will be attending the Specialty Coffee Expo in Portland Oregon this weekend on the 23rd and 24th , we will attend this every year to ensure Foxen is always on the cutting edge of the market. I was invited to a gathering with our coffee brokers when my plane lands, and I’m excited to spend time with people we do business with. They have an incredible product and highly ethical sourcing methods. The coffee world is a crazy place when it comes to safety and equality in the supply chain – so this is important to us. Many farmer specific or collective coffees are significantly freer from that environment, and this is what we buy. The sad part is that some mass-produced coffees in certain parts of the world could likely deliver quality like the coffees we’re buying. But unfortunately, the farmers hands are tied to just turn and burn in those situations.

Another thing I will be looking for at the specialty coffee expo is FLAVOR! I mean what else would you want to be here for honestly!?? FLAVOR is on my mind, I want to see what people are doing in the industry, and if it’s good, bring it to Foxen.

Speaking of cutting edge, we are another step closer to canning a Cold Nitro brew coffee. We have tanks, refrigeration, and a source for canning equipment. We’re almost there and I can’t wait to share it with everyone! We’ve tested all our coffees in a Cold Nitro brew and by far, the Kenya AA takes the cake. We’ll add Latte versions and other things later too – should be fun!

I’m imagining now what else I might be able to bring back from the Specialty Coffee expo this weekend, so that we can bring it to y’all.

A new Coffee,

Personally speaking - I swap around coffee varietals every few weeks, sometimes months. I love the contrast with certain regions and roast styles. So on that note, the Peruvian Organic coffee on our catalog is from a new collective in the region, the Norandino. Our previous Atahualpa was organic washed, and it was excellent, but this Norandino is something else. It's Naturally processed, so it has similar flavor notes to the Atahualpa but they're more distinct with the Natural process. A really fantastic bean, and of course, Fairtrade certified organic.

Fairtrade Organic Peru, Medium Roast Coffee

Have a great day everyone and enjoy the coffee!

-Nicolas Milone, Co-Founder, Foxen Coffee


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