My Family’s Trip to a Jamaican Coffee Farm

My Family’s Trip to a Jamaican Coffee Farm

One of the most interesting things I’ve learned since starting Foxen is how many people are involved in getting coffee into my morning cup... But when you think of coffee being the second most traded commodity in the world, then you can only begin to imagine the numbers. It could be hundreds, if not thousands of people involved by the time you take your sip of that magical bean juice in the morning.

Building relationships with coffee farmers, importers, exporters, and producers from around the world is how we aim to improve both quality and ethical standards from the farm to your cup.

Rand is my dad, he’s our coffee buyer and roast master, so he and my mom made the trip to Jamaica. This was our first step as a company to connect with the growers and producers directly, so it was quite exciting to say the least! Our job was a training mission – Rand has been in the coffee industry since the year I was born so his experience is invaluable, and these farmers needed his help. They run a chain of café’s in the Caribbean and wanted to learn how to roast their own crops. A great idea to say the least!

Anyone that’s been around the coffee industry for long enough will tell you that roasting coffee is a form of artistic expression. As coffee roasters, we are chefs of the bean, cultivating the natural flavors from the farm to your cup. Teaching art is something that’s hard to quantify, so we focus on the fundamentals and leave it up to the artist to express their own version of what they want from their bean.

The trip was a success, and Foxen was happy to share our knowledge and love of our favorite drink with some new friends.

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Very interested in the Jamaican Blue Mountain. Kobos in Portland would stock this at Christmas time in bulk bins. The aroma was incredible. Expensive, but affordable in a way to give the “Best in the World” as a present.
I cannot find the sign up mentioned in your Instagram.

Jon Wasserman

Nice article

Sandy Milone

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