Shady Acre Coffee in the Beautiful Branson Missouri

My name is Nicolas and I'm the roaster for the coffee served at the Shady Acre. The wonderful people who own this establishment, Rich and Veloris, have contracted me to provide an elevated coffee drinking experience for their guests. Rich and Veloris' attention to detail, all the way down to the bean in your cup, is what takes their hospitality services to the next level.

From the pod design, to the grind profile and the quality of the bean, we've made an extra effort to improve your coffee in a single serve format. So give it a try, and let us know what you think - and remember, the pods are fully recyclable.

If you like the coffee in your rooms and you want to take some home with you, inquire with the staff and they will be happy to assist you.

Thank you for staying at the Shady Acre, and have a great day in the beautiful Branson Missouri.

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Brewing Instructions:

  1. Add a new coffee pod to the brewer
  2. Pour water in the reservoir up to the marked level
  3. Press the red button on the right side of the brewer
  4. A fresh cup of coffee will brew in about 45 seconds
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