What is a specialty Coffee?

What is a specialty Coffee?

So what is a specialty coffee?

The google definition is "gourmet," or the highest rated coffee on the market.

So what does that mean?

As a specialty coffee roaster we are farm product buyers, which means we're out there looking for the highest rated crops of the season.

There's thousands of options from all around the world and the quality is always changing from farm to farm, season to season. A specialty coffee is typically coming from a Single Origin, or a single farm that has produced a very high rated crop.

Some coffee roasters will keep their prices low by blending a high rated crop with a lower rated crop. A specialty coffee roaster will not typically blend their beans which is why you will often see "Single Origin" associated with a specialty coffee.

The first thing you might notice with a specialty coffee

It's extremely smooth, no bitterness. Natural flavors like Chocolates, Blueberry's, Caramels, Vanilla, Cherries etc... And it's very easy on the stomach.

If you're interested in trying a specialty coffee, check out our products in the link below. Scroll down when viewing the product pages on our website and see the unique characteristics of each coffee we serve.


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