Where to buy coffee online

Where to Buy Coffee Online?

Ordering coffee online has been a growing trend over the last 10+ years, but since 2020 the market has seen an exponential increase of attention as more people around the world discovered the unique value of online shopping for specialty foods and beverages.

Ordering coffee online trends

There are several reasons why you might choose to buy coffee online, but the most valuable one in my opinion is freshness. When you purchase direct from a coffee roaster online, your beans are often roasted to order and you’re getting it delivered to your doorstep within days of when it was prepared. Peak Freshness.

With so many great brands to choose from online, where do you begin?

  1. Find a brand that matches your values. Whether that’s small batch, veteran owned, charitably driven, or whatever else… there’s something out there for everyone.

Foxen Coffee became destiny for me when my dad and his brothers started a coffee company the same year I was born. I was eating beans out of the roaster at five, and now here I am today in my 30’s with Foxen. Working for beans just like the old man.

Small batch coffee roaster

  1. Try different Varietals.

The art of the roast is what makes a specialty coffee so interesting because there’s so many variables to play with. Every region of the world has a unique climate that produces different flavor notes in their coffee beans, how they’re processed on the mills will accent various notes of that bean, and then how the roaster chooses to bring that all together creates the final product.

Coffee notes are a way the roaster tries to guide you into finding the right bean. When shopping for specialty coffee online, I highly recommend paying attention to these. As you get more sophisticated with it - you can start looking at processing methods (washed, honey, natural), roast styles (lights to darks), and regions. Play around with those variables and find a roaster that prepares it the way you like it most.

This is one of the most interesting parts of the online coffee world to me. There’s just simply not enough space on the shelf of a supermarket for the variety there is to choose from. Buying coffee online gives you direct access to that. So coffee can be more than just something you drink to wake up in the morning – it can be something you thoroughly enjoy and look forward to.

  1. Follow your roaster on social media and subscribe to newsletters.

A specialty coffee roaster is always bringing in new and unique flavors to their lineups, and these channels are some of the best ways to know about it. Your engagement also gives our business credibility, and this cannot be appreciated enough! Thank you!

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Fresh roasted coffee

If you’re interested in trying some of our beans:

Check out our catalog here

I write the flavor notes myself on the bullet points of each product page, we only ever roast the best of the best, and we’ve got some single serve pods for Keurig machines like you won’t find anywhere else.

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