Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee, a Private Reserve by Foxen

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee, a Private Reserve by Foxen

This was the first time Foxen has roasted such a rare and exclusive coffee, the Jamaica Blue Mountain. To celebrate we created a private newsletter where you could follow the process of our Jamaican Coffee from raw bean to final product, of which this letter is the concluding note of the series.

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

I received a ton of positive feedback about it so it’s certainly something we will do again in the future with other exotic and rare coffees from around the world. I’m thinking two times per year, next one in the early summer 2024 we’ll get something bright that compliments the season.

During our journey through the making of this wonderful coffee, I made a quick 1.5-minute video of the roasting process:

And now, the final taste test:

If you loved the Private Reserve series as much as I did, stay tuned into this newsletter for the next one during the warmer seasons.

Purchase our 2023 Private Reserve Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Here

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Nicolas M.

Co-Founder, Foxen Coffee

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