Nocturnal, Vienna Roasted Specialty Blend Coffee

Nocturnal, Vienna Roasted Specialty Blend Coffee

Nocturnal is a blend that's taking on it's own identity at Foxen Coffee. It's popular among coffee drinkers who enjoy a dark roast, with a smooth sipping profile that's easy on the stomach.

Dark roasted coffee doesn't need to be so bitter that it's hard to drink without creamer. So we took the smooth features of a Full-City roasted Guatemala bean and blended it with the Vienna Roasted Dark Chocolate tart from Mexico. This creates an easy sipping brew with a light-bitter tart that quickly becomes a staple in your everyday coffee routine.

Dark Roasted specialty coffee should be smooth and easy to sip, but retain a light-bitter aftertaste that's typically signature with other dark roasted beans. It's a blend you can pair with a sweet treat or a rich meal that will thoroughly satisfy your pallet.

This coffee is designed for a traditional drip brewer, pour-over, k-cup, or a mixed drink espresso.

Nocturnal Blend

The Nocturnal will be Foxen Coffee's first fully-branded coffee bag and K-Cup. We currently have the K-Cup graphics in production that will be on the market within the next 2-3 months. Our Nocturnal branded coffee bags will quickly follow.

Dark Roast KCups

If you're looking for a darker roasted specialty coffee blend, look no further. The Nocturnal from Foxen Coffee delivers a perfectly balanced tasting profile that you will find yourself craving day or night.

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