The Misty Valley is Back at Foxen Coffee!

The Misty Valley is Back at Foxen Coffee!

The Misty Valley is a Grade 1, Naturally Processed, Yirgacheffe Bean from Ethiopia. The Yirgacheffe region is widely known for producing some of the highest rated coffees in the world, and the Misty Valley is the highest grade of the region. In other words - this coffee is the cream of the crop.

The Natural Process imbues the seed with a Berry Forward Base and light chocolate undertones in your brew. Just opening the bag you will be hit with an overwhelming sensation of what I can only describe as “fresh baked blueberry muffins.”

This is the first time we’ve had this coffee since when we first opened the business last year. It’s one of my favorite coffees, and I’m super excited to share it with you. Enjoy Folks!

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Other Updates:

  1. Jamaican Blue Mountain is coming this week! This is some of the most exclusive coffee in the western world. More than 90% of the Blue Mountain is owned and exported by Japan, and the rest is distributed across the globe. We only get access to this coffee once per year and we’re bringing in the first batch of the season. This coffee is not cheap, so we’re only getting 60 pounds, reserve your holiday Blue Mountain coffee here: - we will announce as soon as it’s available for purchase and it’s ready to ship (likely sometime next week).
  2. Single Serve Coffee pods, unfortunately we will need to raise our price on 12-count and 24-count cases by the start of next year ($19 and $29 respectively). Our costs have increased every time we order the materials needed to make them, and the costs of shipping small orders has become increasingly expensive. It’s cheaper to ship in bulk, so we can keep our price for the 96-count cases the same (We pass the savings in our shipping costs to you – so your cost is better than .50c per cup cheaper than ordering in small quantities). As always, if you order more than $60, we apply an automatic 10% discount in the checkout window – so if you order at least $60 worth of pods, you will not see any price increase from the current listed rates.

Thank you everyone for your continued support and I hope you’re loving the coffee as much as we love making it for you!

-Nicolas M. 

Co-Founder, Foxen Coffee

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