A taste of raw coffee fruits and the shared passions behind it

A taste of raw coffee fruits and the shared passions behind it

This is my hand and a raw coffee seed after prying open the fruit.

I ate a bunch of them.

It has a gooey and soft-nut like texture with a sweetness that makes them weird but oddly satisfying to eat. Plus, they're full of caffeine!

There are two seeds for every fruit unless it's a peaberry deformity, then there's only one. It's said that coffee was founded by a goat herder in Ethiopia or Yemen somewhere around 1,500 years ago when he noticed the goats eating the fruit and becoming more energized. The origins on coffee are still unclear, but most of the industry seems to agree on the goat herder, just not exactly the location.

The love of coffee has been transcending cultural and geographical boundaries ever since it was founded. Bringing people together from all around the world. It's been used with food and beverage and cooking; you can even brew the natural processed fruit shavings like tea. They sell the caffeine from the decaffeination process to soda manufacturers around the world. And so on... Every bit of the coffee seed and fruit are needed and provided by the billions of people who consume and produce it.

Coffee is everywhere, and it's our collective passion that brings us all closer to here ❤️

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