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Foxen Coffee

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Natural, Light Roast Coffee

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Natural, Light Roast Coffee

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Light Roasted Coffee from the Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Region

  • Caramel forward with a buttery smooth finish
  • Farmed in the Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Region, Single Origin Grade 1 Coffee from the smallholder producers
  • Naturally Processed, dried on raised sun beds
  • High Altitude grown at 1980-2200 masl
  • Roasted and packed fresh in the USA by Foxen Coffee Company

Light Roast Coffee

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Ruschelle Powers
My Favorite Coffee!!

Love all the Foxen Coffee but this is my go to!!! So glad you came to the Midwest!!!

Clark Café
Roasted Perfection

When you open the bag, the aroma is amazing and when you see these beans you know right away this is a 5 star roast. In an espresso these blueberry notes just pop. I've had this as a pour over, drip and Americano and there is no wrong way to make this coffee. This is now a regular on my brew bar.

Regan Preston
So Smooth

We had the 12oz. whole-bean Misty Valley. As soon as this coffee arrived, we opened the bag and the kitchen was immediately filled with a fresh blended aroma of coffee and chocolate covered fruits. Our bag was filled to the brim with beans! We made our first pot, and decided to taste it black before adding anything to it. It has a light natural flavor with a hint of chocolate and fruity vibes. It is very rare for me to find coffee that I can tolerate drinking black as most coffees tend to feel like they are burning a hole in my gut. This is the first time that I felt adding cream or sugar to the coffee might actually take away from the drinking experience. It is So Smooth that if I were tasting the coffee blindfolded, I might guess that it had cream in it. Personally, I never add sugar to my coffee, but I did add cream to this coffee and it is tastes great like that as well.

If you are looking for a smooth high-quality coffee with nuanced natural flavors at a competitive price, consider your search over.

wow, thanks so much for the detailed review! So happy you enjoyed it :)