The Media of Foxen Coffee

The Media of Foxen Coffee

Hi everyone, and welcome to the latest issue of the Foxen Coffee newsletter!

My name is Nico, Co-Founder of Foxen Coffee, a self-proclaimed coffee nerd and enthusiast on a mission to deliver some of the highest rated coffee beans in the world to our customers. In this article I’m going to share some of the things we’ve been working on in our media channels; From Brewing Guides to Commercial style reels, General Updates, Coffee Talk, and more…

Below is a general guide to content on our social channels:

  1. Facebook & Instagram: Follow these channels for a cartoon series called #followthefoxen about a Foxes journey around the world to discover new cultures and tastes.
  2. LinkedIN: Professional Updates and content directly from the founders of Foxen Coffee about the current state and future of our business.
  3. YouTube & TikTok: Video content, commercial reels and stories, General Updates, Coffee talk and more…

I’d like to share a few thoughts about my favorite content we’ve produced over the last 90 days.

The Pawsitive Beginnings Fox Rescue & Sanctuary Fundraiser

I love animals as much as I love coffee, so naturally, this video set very well with me. Thanks to Nicole (owner of Pawsitive Beginnings) for putting together the content and allowing us to share it with our followers. The original video is a bit longer than what I posted, but I cut out my favorite part and shared it to youtube. A fox stealing the coffee bag is priceless, incredibly cute, and I just can’t get enough of watching it.

NOTE: We have another Fox Sanctuary we’ve partnered with that has not launched their campaign yet – but will soon! If you’d like to get involved with the fundraising then follow our social media channels or wait for the next newsletter announcement of when it gets started. We’re really excited to be working with people who share our values to support a good cause.

Coffee Production Bloopers Reel

This video was a hit, and it really shows how distinctly different coffee varietals can be. The Kenya AA, Nguvu gives off a rich smell of Oranges that can’t be mistaken for anything else. It brews the same way. When I first started getting into this business I probably couldn’t tell you the difference, but as I dive deeper into my love of coffee things like this just come naturally to me. It will come naturally to you too if you continue to try some of the different varietals that we offer. No coffee is the same, and this video just really brings that point home.

Single Serve Production Video

One of our customers asked if we could make a video preparing their order. I loved the request and was happy to do it! My favorite part of this video is that it provides full transparency on our process and it was fun to produce and talk about. Thanks for asking me to do this (you know who you are) and if anyone else has similar requests in the future I’d be happy to make more!

Something I missed in this video is talking about how our pods are different from other single serve options out there. The most significant difference in what makes them taste better is that we are just simply adding more coffee per serving – in our R&D phases we noted that our pods are filled with about 30%+ more coffee per serving than almost anything else you can get from a traditional mass-produced brand.

Another thing I missed was talking about the environmental impact of our pods. We specifically chose to use a full Polypropylene design from Lid, to Filter, to Cup INSTEAD of the plastic cups with Foil lids because we want our pods to be properly recycled. The truth of the matter is that pods using foil tops (although they are advertised as recyclable) are RARELY EVER RECYCLED. Even if you throw those pods into the recycle bin, the recyclers often throw them into a landfill anyway because they don’t have the bandwidth to separate the materials. With a single material design on our pods, the recyclers are encouraged to actually send them through the process and keep them from the landfills.

If you are using foil top pods now, I encourage you to SEPARATE the lids from the cups before throwing them into the recycle bin – this is the only way you can ensure that your pods don’t end up harming the environment.

How to Brew a Pour Over Coffee

I’ve shared this video before, but I want to do it again because I’ve had a lot of good feedback from people who have started using this method. It’s hands down the best way to brew coffee. You will get all the flavor varietals from your beans brewing your coffee this way, and if you try it, you might never pour cream or sugar into your coffee again. Win Win, right? Coffee doesn’t need to be so bitter that you can’t drink it without adding things to it. Black coffee can be full of flavor varietals like Blueberries, Chocolates, Oranges and more… Give it a try sometime and see for yourself.

That’s it for this week. We have some great things brewing on our wholesale/distribution side of our business that I’m excited to share with you in the coming weeks. Our business is expanding to the local demographics faster and more efficiently than ever before. This is incredibly exciting for me – because it makes me feel like my dream of being self-employed is finally coming true. Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who has continued to support us and our partners. I am thoroughly grateful.


Nicolas Milone, Co-Founder, Foxen Coffee

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