The Evolution of our Online Marketing Strategy

The Evolution of our Online Marketing Strategy

The Evolutions of Foxen Media (part 2)

One of the most interesting things I’ve learned about starting an online brand, is that it just keeps evolving into something I never expected it to be - and that’s what I believe is the most important thing to note in this article, because I’m proud of it every time.

I also didn’t expect to be writing an online media series about our business, but it first started about 5 months ago, and 7 months after our business launched (we are 6 days passed a year old now – horray us!) and of course thank you to all our customers for supporting us.

The Evolutions of Foxen Media (part 1)

I think it’s important to note the evolution of an online brand, because for someone like me that has never done this before, this is where I’m learning the most. Foxen is run by a family who loves roasting coffee, I’ve personally been around this business since the year I was born because my dad and his brothers owned a café and roasting business. You can read more about that story here

It’s in our blood. Marketing ourselves online, not so much lol.

But I will give myself at least a small pat on the back, because after a year I look back and feel proud about everything we’ve done along the way. Even if we didn’t always get it right.

What’s next for Foxen Media?

So as our online personality evolves, so does our media. Here’s a list of the type of content you will find on our online channels:

  1. Facebook: The #followthefoxen cartoon series will continue exclusively on Facebook only. Occasional coffee related memes and documentary reels/stories.
  2. Instagram: Instagram will become our primary hub for Coffee related reels and stories that highlight our personal favorite content from across any one of our media channels. We will no longer post the the #followthefoxen series on Instagram every day. Our Instagram grid will become a periodically static showcase of our brand. We will change our grid occasionally as our brand continues to evolve.
  3. Threads?: Meta insisted on making my life easier by adding yet another – super important social media channel to manage! Thanks Mark <3! Anyway – this channel is super new, It’s just me talking in public basically and I have no idea what I’m doing or will say. So follow at your own risk lol. In the future maybe we will use this channel as a way our coffee roasters can talk to the people who are enjoying our coffee. I think it would be cool for the consumer to get to know the person that’s preparing their coffee at a somewhat personal level. I would hope to have a couple roasters on our staff at some point and I think this would be super cool idea, who knows.
  4. LinkedIN: This is a place reserved for professional B2B content only. If you are a business owner interested in serving our coffee, follow us here.
  5. YouTube & TikTok: These are the first places we will post any of our video media content before it’s filtered down into our other social channels.

Foxen Coffee has the incredible opportunity to serve our community with a product that I we can feel proud of. After all the hard work and a lot more to come, being proud of what we’re building is the best feeling ever.

-Nico, Co-Founder, Foxen Coffee

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