Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Replacement Tank Process for Commercial Customers

Foxen Coffee serves Nitro Cold Brew Coffee systems in the Southwest Missouri area. Watch this video for a detailed guide on how to replace empty Nitro Cold Brew tanks in your commercial Kegerator.

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Our Coffee Beans

Our beans come from farmers in the Ethiopia, Guatemala, Kenya, Mexico and Peru regions. We source only the highest quality beans in the market that can be traced back to the individual farm and producer.

Many factors influence flavor, including coffee variety, inputs, climate, and processing. Each Single Origin coffee selection in our catalog tastes unique to the region, and is not blended with any other farms or mills - the taste is always consistent.

You can learn more about the individual farms and tastes by scrolling down and viewing the details and description in each product page on our website.

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Our Roaster

The backbone of our business, a 32-kilo PRIMO Coffee roaster manufactured here in the USA! Our roast master, Rand Milone, was a former PRIMO employee and currently Roast Master for Foxen Coffee. He knows these machines like the back of his hand.

We use a soft-infrared heat that provides an even distribution of temperature in the roasting drum, and precision control for maximum consistency. A separate cyclone unit pulls air quickly through the drum during the entire roasting process, removing any chance of smoke accumulation that would make it's way into the essence of the coffee seed.

Single Serve Coffee

We guide you through the process, and show exactly how higher quality materials and preparation make a significant impact on the taste in your cup.

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